Sunday, May 20, 2007


I logged into my Youtube page and saw that I have watched a total of 3,219 videos, and that is just when I'm logged in. And since I'm only logged in about half the time, that's a whole lot of videos. Also I haven't posted a single video(I am not techno-savvy), but I have 102 favorites. What I love about youtube is the memories it can invoke. Like I typed in Carman, and found a bunch of videos from his concerts, including one that I when to as a kid. Or there's the fun stuff like the original Numa Numa guy, and the leggo Princess Bride. And then there's just the butt load of wushu and highlander videos that I have to collect. I had a point when I started this but I've completely lost it. If I remember it I'll add another post.
Oh yeah, one more thing. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Nathan and Maria Epp, who got married yesterday. the wedding was awesome.


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