Thursday, May 11, 2006


Okay, so I've really bored with the computer lately. This is mostly because my energy level in the past few months has sky-rocketed and sitting in front of the computer for any extended period of time just sucks. This is wierd because I can still sit infront of the T.V for hours upon hours in my down time. I think this is because I am alone alot. I figured out that I spend maybe 4 hours in the company of other people on my days off, and add another 2 hours to that on the days when I work. And this includes 2 hours of wushu 3 days a week. Even when I'm doing sound at church for a few hours, I'm in my own little world, away from erveryone else.

I also found out that I am in a group wushu piece on june 16th so I have less than five weeks, before I get up on stage at the Manitoba theatre centre for "Return of the Master". I'm just glad I'm only on stage for the one piece, cause the centre holds at least 500 seats. yikes!


Blogger Marnie said...

Wow, that's a dramatic shift in people contact. I'm glad I get to be one of the people in your four hour alotment.

J. I watched some of CSI at work last night and it was horrible. I couldn't do it. It was gross! What is up? We don't get any channels at my house. This is a good thing. Yuck.

Anyway, I savour my alone time. I think four hours is my bit to be alone but I sneak in more by staying up late. I shouldn't do that, hey, since I slept in last Friday. Sorry about that...

K. :)

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