Saturday, June 25, 2005

Two dreams and questions.

About a month back my friend Joel had a dream about me. In it I was taking music lessons, and the teacher says that I need to learn a new song. When I first heard this dream I had an idea right away what this dream was about. To me it ment that I was still in that same old dualistic lifestyle rut that I have been in all of my life. I think God is telling me that I need to stop talking about getting out this rut, and depending on my own strength to climb out and let God pull me out and into his arms.
Then on Monday, Joel reminded me of the dream again, so at work that night I asked God to show me what the dream meant, since I had forgotten about it so easily before. Then on Tuesday night as I had just fallen asleep I had a dream. In the dream I was either listening to a record player, or looking through a pile of records, or both as it wasn't clear. Anyway I picked up a blue record case, and on the title were the words "Who will you protect" in white. After this I woke up and realised I had only been asleep for a matter of minutes. I figured this dream meant something because I absolutly never remember my dreams.

Also I discovered that God truely was watching out for my family last Sunday. We finally got the car back to Winnipeg and discovered that it was not the transmission as was first believed, but that the rear axle had broken. This was good, because fixing an axle is alot cheaper than fixing a transmission, but if this had happened on the highway, instead of as they were pulling out of customs, the van and everyone inside would have been totaled.



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...I think there's something more to your dream.....

I'll pray about it.

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