Monday, June 13, 2005

A stressful Sunday

O.K, so Sunday started out pretty good, I went to church, and heard Jan Stephan speak which was good as well as inspiring. Anyway, after church, my sister Jodi and I are walking out to her car when we realized that her passenger side window had been smashed with a rock. So that was very stressfull for her, I was upset since they stole my box of Corn Pops. We then went to Jodi's place where I cleaned out her car and she put my nephew Alex to bed. While this was happening my sister Jinelle called. She had gone down to Grand Forks to pick up my parents, whom had been visiting family and supporting churches in Illinois. It turns out that just as she and her friends were given permission to cross the border into the States, the car breakes down. So she's stuck at the border, and my folks are about to catch a train in Chicago. So after a few prayers and MANY, MANY, phone calls, just I am begging Cam to drive with me down to the border to pick up Jinelle(my other sister) then go pick up my parents, with the House of Hesed van(it had taken five phone calls to get permission to use the van), when Jinelle calls to say that she had been able to find a ride. One of the friends she was with called his buddy and he came down and got them, and my parents. So with a huge sigh of relief(and some pizza) I was able to relax and rest. But God truely is watching out for us, because when my parents arrived home this morning, I realized that the guy who picked them up was an old friend of mine. His name is Shaun Saddler, and we were in the Honor Guard together. This had been a huge coincedence, and I had been a little leery of my family traveling with someone we didn't know.
So Father if I forgot, Thank you for watching out for those I love, and keeping them in safe company, Yours.


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Yes! Thank you Jesus for your protection!

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